Get in & go places

Instantly book great cars in your community and drive wherever you want for less than a couple of rideshares a day.


Freedom & Convenience

You’re in control: go where you want, when you want. Run errands, explore a new part of town, or visit friends on your own schedule.

Licensed & Ready

All you need is a smartphone and a valid driver’s license. Happy driving!

Easy to Use

Select from a variety of cars and pick up keys from the lockbox in your building. Then, take a few photos of the car and start driving. When you’re done, just top up on gas and drop off the keys. That’s it!

Safety & Protection

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You might be wondering…


What are the driver requirements?

All drivers must have a valid U.S. driver’s license to join Drift.


Where is Drift for Communities available?

We’re currently in Union Denver in Denver, CO and One East Delaware in Chicago, IL. We are expanding to other locations nationwide. Stay tuned for more updates.


How do I know the car is safe?

Owners must meet safety standards and maintain regular care of their vehicles. All cars listed on Drift are 2010 or newer and have less than 125,000 miles on them. Drift also insures every driver and vehicle with coverage from Allstate.

How much does the trip cost?

It depends. Total trip cost is determined by the vehicle class and length of trip. Standard economy cars start at $5/hour and larger vehicles start at $15/hour.


Can I use Drift to drive for a rideshare company?

No, Drift cars are not to be used for ridesharing. Use of a Drift vehicle for ridesharing will result in a fine and expulsion from the platform. The driver will also be liable for all fines, injury, and damage caused by driving a Drift vehicle for rideshare purposes.