Your car is protected by Allstate

We’re here to help. This is a summary of what you’re covered for, when coverage applies, and who can help you file a claim.


What does the policy cover?
When the policy is active, the policy purchased by Drift from Allstate provides the following coverage:


 When does the policy apply?
Drift’s policy will extend coverage to a vehicle while it is actively listed on the Drift platform & available for immediate borrowing. Your vehicle is covered the entire time it’s listed as available on the Drift app (as long as the vehicle’s keys are in the lockbox), including when it is out on a trip.

Keep in mind - In order for comprehensive and collision coverage to apply to your car, vehicle owners must have comprehensive and collision coverage on their personal auto policy. This is a requirement to protect Drift from fraud.

Who can file a claim?
A driver, owner, or Drift representative can file a claim. Once a claim is filed, Allstate may need to work with both the driver and owner to determine loss facts and next steps.

Is there a deductible?
It depends…

  • Drift drivers are responsible for a $500 deductible if they are in a covered accident during a trip and they are determined to be at fault. However, we investigate all incidents to ensure our users are safe and treated fairly, and if you weren’t at fault for the accident, then there’s no deductible.

  • Car owners are responsible for the deductible if the vehicle sustains damage while it is listed on the platform and the keys are in the lockbox, but not out on a trip.

  • Drift for Airport owners will never be responsible for a deductible Questions? Let us know.

    Owners are never charged for the $1 million liability  insurance policy, the cost of the policy is paid by the borrower as it is factored into your car’s hourly/daily rate.

IMPORTANT –We haven’t included all the details here so you can quickly understand how the Drift policy issued by Allstate covers you, but please read the policy to understand limits, exclusions, and additional details. Please also keep in mind that the language in the policy supersedes this brief summary.

Questions? Let us know.