You’re in control

Share your car as much or as little as you want and earn $ every trip. We’ll even send you a free Safe Driving Device so you can see how your car is being driven. Plus, every trip is protected by Allstate Insurance.


Safe & Secure

Every trip on Drift is protected up to $1 million in insurance from Allstate. Drift’s policy will always be the primary policy used while your car is being shared. Plus, your keys will be stored in a secure lockbox that only your neighbors can access.

Easy money

Earn up to $200/month sharing your car with neighbors. No driving required. Estimated earnings based on 50% availability per week. Must be 2010 or newer with less than 125k miles.

Sharing is Easy

Just take a few photos of your car and list it on Drift. Then, drop off your keys in the lockbox conveniently located in your building. Pick them up when you’re done sharing, and get paid in the app. That’s it!

owner- money.png


You might be wondering


I have an old car… can I still share it?

We require all cars to be made in 2010 or later, have less than 125,000 miles, and be in good condition.


How do you ensure my car is taken care of?

We make sure everyone who drives your car has a valid driver’s license. We also have them do a detailed inspection and take photos before and after every trip. We’ll even send you a Safe Driving Device you can install to monitor how your car is being driven.

What happens if my car is in an accident?

Allstate will handle the claims process, coordinate repairs, and provide reimbursement. Allstate’s $1 million policy will cover just about anything that could happen to your vehicle while it’s being driven.

How are tolls handled?

All tolls are paid for by the driver of your vehicle when they are incurred. If a driver does not pay a toll, you will be notified and the driver will be charged via the Drift app..


What if my car isn’t ready when I come back?

In the off chance a driver does not return your vehicle at the designated time, we’ll make multiple attempts to contact them to see what the issue is. If the vehicle is not returned on time, and we’re unable to contract the driver, we will alert the policy, the vehicle owner, and Allstate Claims. Drift will ensure alternative transportation is provided if needed.